The grade 5/6 PYP expo Acadecap 2020


How we turned the solitary Expo around

We were just friends, friends who would not be seeing each other as much for a few months. So Nico, Oliver, Timothy, Ethan, Ruben, Rohan, and Aden started a mega-group called MISSION NOTERRA. This group is designed to eliminate all the un-coordinated teams of the Expo PYP. This worked very well until COVID-19 hit because then we could not work together as well. We got over this though, and we even become THE 2020 Acadecap PYP expo. Today we have four "separate"  groups, each representing a vital part of our mission. We have the 2 founding groups, ZPLT/TEO (Timothy, Ethan, Oliver), who are the rocket designers, and NARR (Nico, Aden, Ruben, Rohan), who are the Habitat/food planners/designers. Next, we have the 2nd expansion, SS (Summer, Solan), who are the oxygen plant planners/designers. In this expansion, we also have GNAM (Grace, Nurangez, Audrey, Miriam), which used to be a sweet shop in the Marche Du Coeur, but also a few "Commercial Partners" working with us. Altogether, we are the MAGNATRESORNS— a SUPERGROUP conducting research for the Expo PYP.


Group. Ambitious. Expo

At MISSION NOTERRA, we believe that every group should have the same standard of the project even if they are working on different parts. That is why the NOTERRA support program is there. It is designed to make everyone feel like they are the best group in the best expo Acadecap has ever had. This eventually led us to make the NOTERRA Senate, designed to eliminate all the solitary part of the expo.

"Big results require big ambitions"


Upcoming Events

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